So Pete and I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a few hours ago at Mega Movies in East Brunswick. Upon entering the lobby I had the great joy of tapping my friend on the shoulder and being able to point his gaze upwardtowards a beautiful yet gruesome site indeed! We looked up to see a MASSIVE wall-covering banner of Heath Ledger as the Joker from the upcoming film The Dark Knight. It  was such a site to be seen that Pete needed to inquire as to what becomes of such things at a movie theater lobby when a film has run its course. The ticket goon told us that when banners or posters of this grand size are used to promote movies, they are collected at some point by the studio that produced it.


You mean to tell me that Warner Bros. sends a representative to East Brunswick Square Mall to collect banners? The same mall where Pete once engaged in a footrace with a 12 year old and put 20 bucks on himself to win, only to crush the child and not allow the lad to pay him the money he owed as a life-lesson? The mall where a younger more foolish Don Hohner had his first date with a certain girl who will be marrying her high school guidance counsellor in about a month?

I find it all too menacing to think that a Warner-stooge is marauding around the vicinity of Ruby Tuesday, stopping off at the place we all rented our prom tuxes from, only to cap off his trip by collecting awesome banners and taking them home to that water tower where Yacko, Wacko, and Dot live, to incinerate them.

Clearly Pete and I would be willing to give these amazing banners and posters a good home. Sure it’s not a smoke free environment but hey, at least it would kill some time trying to figure out how to hang a 12 foot high banner in our bedrooms.

By the way, the 4th Indy was great. Don’t let mediocre reviews taint your dreams of another Indy adventure. If you liked the original trilogy, you’ll like this one too. But don’t go looking for Short Round to make a cameo ’cause he ain’t never gonna be there… I know, I was pretty depressed too.