‘Camp Rock’ was great.  I just finished watching it and I couldn’t be happier.  This movie debuted two nights ago but I was on vacation and I couldn’t catch it until tonight, which turned out to be a blessing, otherwise this feeling I have right now would have been gone a long time ago and I still wouldn’t be enjoying the thrill of another Disney knockout.  I guess most of my posts are about Disney but if they keep churning out quality pieces of film like this you can’t be angry.

‘Camp Rock’ is the story of high schooler Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) who attends the summer camp ‘Camp Rock’ and lies her way to popularity.  Also at the camp is bad boy pop star Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) whose band mates Nate and Jason (Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas) send him back to the camp to be a counselor to get into good graces with the media.  Meaghan Jette Martin plays the popular girl with an attitude Tess who shakes things up at the camp.  With all that being said…

Camp Rock was delightful.  Disney has scored again with their original movie franchise.  DCOM as it’s affectionately known amongst die-hards.  From the very first minutes this movie was very enjoyable.  Demi Lovato lit up the screen with her smile in this performance.  She is going to be very successful.  Her singing voice was perfect for the songs they had her sing in the movie.  Joe Jonas also surprised me with his performance in this movie.  His acting was actually pretty impressive and we all know he can sing.  (Am I right ladies?)

What was different about this movie when compared to High School Musical is that all of the songs in this movie were within the realm of the characters world.  They were either performing or practicing songs whereas in High School Musical the whole school could break into song at any moment but once it was over it was like it never happened, aside from when they were performing.  It kept the movie very real and when it all culminated into the final moments it was very reminiscent of ‘Everyday.’  But better.  I can’t make you watch this movie all I can do is beg.  It’s great.  It attracted almost 9 million viewers on it’s premier and over 3 million the next night on ABC.  So I’m not alone.

Listen to this song by ‘Connect Three’ (The Jonas Brothers) and tell me you won’t watch this movie.