I hope you guys watched the Turkey-Germany Euro Semifinal match today, because it was one for the ages. This Turkish side, who have become famous this tournament for impossible comebacks, were close to making another one today when they brought the match even at 2-2 in the 86th minute, before losing 3-2 on Lahm’s 89th minute screamer into the l. Of course, we didn’t get to see any of this, because the feed was dropped all over the world due to thunderstorms in Switzerland.

Somewhere around the 57th minute, we lose the feed. ESPN cuts to footage of the fan zone outside of the stadium, populated entirely with German fans. The commentators make some awkward small-talk before throwing it back to Reese, Julie and Tommy in the ESPN studios. Nothing against that trio, but I don’t want Ms. Foudy breaking down the game that I’m supposed to be watching.

65th minute and we’re back! They tell us that lightning struck a tower, temporarily knocking out the feed across the globe. No matter though, because we didn’t miss any action. Except ten minutes later, the feed drops again. And this time, our footage of the fan zone reveals a celebration. Apparently, we missed a goal by Klose to put Germany up 2-1. Derek and Andy tell us that all across Germany, car manufacturers shut down so their workers could all watch the match, and they’re losing the feed too. Sorry guys, but that doesn’t exactly make me any less mad that I’m watching a webcam of a crowd instead of a semifinal in the final minutes.

About 10 minutes later, the live tag comes back up in the upper left corner and we see Turkey celebrating. WHAT? THEY DID IT AGAIN?? These improbable Turks are the most fantastic comeback squad I’ve ever seen. And today, playing against a superbly skilled German side and playing without many starters because of penalties and injuries, they have done it again. And of course, we didn’t get to see the goal because light struck the same tower twice.

It’s poetic — The odds of another Turkish comeback inside the final 5 minutes were just about even with those of lightning striking twice. And today, they both happened — well… almost.

Sadly, for the Turks, life isn’t a fairy tale, and Lahm slams a shot home in the 90th minute to seal a victory for the Germans. As a final F-you to fans everywhere, ESPN loses the feed for the entirety of stoppage time. Nothing happens though, and Germany squeak past a crippled Turkish squad and move on to play Spain/Russia in the finals.

So I just wanted to say come on, universe. We, the soccer fans of the world, only get great tournaments like this once every two years. So during the final two matches, can you just… you know… hold off on attacking the sole tower responsible for distributing the video feed to the entire globe?