Yesterday I was taking a shower, and I had an idea for a game show called “Yeezy, Weezy or Jeezy?” The premise is as follows:

The host plays an audio/video clip, reads lyrics, shows a photo or reads a news item featuring one of the three popular rappers in question — Kanye West (Yeezy), Lil Wayne (Weezy) and Young Jeezy. The contestants then buzz in and say one of the names. There are two rounds of trivia, and in the final round the contestant with the most points gets to face off against one of the three rappers in a challenge completely unrelated to music.

Possible ideas for the final round: Kanye West and the contestant race through a slime-laden obstacle course, collecting orage flags as they go; Young Jeezy and the contestant must pick from a collection of numbered suitcases; Lil Wayne and the contestant try to figure out answers to a large crossword puzzle.

In the season finale, Kanye and Jeezy would team up to perform their hit single “Put On,” and then would face the contestant in a geography competition, in fitting with the chorus to the tune. For instance, “Q: To which side of Milwaukee is Detroit? A: East Side.” In keeping with the song, no answers will be “North Side.”

Prizes range from facial tattoos a la Wayne to sweaters and plastic glasses with lines on them like Kanye, and also whatever the hell Jeezy is into (possibly interesting hats?).

Of course, throughout the course of the show the rappers could bring on special guests. Here’s another idea: when a rapper needs help answering a question, he can use a “featuring” token, where he may enlist the help of an artist who has been featured on one of his tracks. This would make T-Pain a regular on the show. I like that… this thing is gonna be a hit, I can feel it in my bones.

Below are some photos to make the distinction between the three men easier for you: