While cruising today’s New York Times headlines, I came across a blog article about a comment presidential candidate Barack Obama recently made during a campaign speech. Quoting a very old saying, Obama remarked, “You can put lipstick on a pig – it’s still a pig.” Out of the context of current politics, this saying could be interpreted, in simplest terms, as saying that a bad thing, dressed up to appear good, is still bad. However, as Palin describes her own “hockey mom” persona as a pit bull with lipstick, there are many who interpret this remark as Obama calling Governor Palin a pig.

Now, the more intelligent among us can clearly see that, if anything, Palin is the lipstick and not the pig – a pretty face slapped on the ticket to try to distract us from the shortcomings of John McCain. However, there are folks out there who merely see:

(word associated with Palin) + (unsavory farm animal) = CONTROVERSY!!!

As I sifted through the comments section, purely to entertain and intentionally anger myself, I came across some real gems as far as good ol’ fashion mindless comments are concerned.  This one, though, took the cake.

Re: Obama’s childish, sexist tirade

I guess a “tirade” that’s about 5 seconds long and isn’t angry or offensive at all is a childish one.

When will Democrats learn that women deserve to be treated equally?

I don’t know, maybe when Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro as a running mate back in 1984? Or perhaps when they greatly favored Hillary Clinton for much of the primary season, until Obama mounted a remarkable, come-from-behind post-Super Tuesday campaign? Or maybe it was when Democratic president Woodrow Wilson threw his support behind the 19th Amendment, granting U.S. women the right to vote? Give me a break.

For thousands of years, women have toiled at backbreaking, thankless, tasks.

I had no idea women had such a rich history of breaking people’s backs, being ungrateful, and above all, tasks!

What did the Democrats do? They laughed. They cracked the whip.

Yes, Democrats, for thousands of years, have cackled maniacally at the meaningless lives of women. They sit in their evil volcano lair, twirling their mustaches, scheming to further disgrace the fairer sex. And when they feel the urge, they go out into the fields where the women are working and deal out some punishment with the trusty cat o’ nine tails.

Until Sarah Palin came along, and women across the world saw there opportunity at last arrive.

Sarah Palin is Woman Jesus. She will hopefully teach us great lessons about proper homophone usage! But until the Messiah realizes her role, a nifty educational quiz must suffice.

Palin is truly a champion of women, both in the United States and Alaska!

TRULY, not only in the America, but also in the far-off independent nation of Alaska, Sarah Palin reigns supreme! Long live the great country of Alaska! Anyone know where I can find a recording of their national anthem? God save the Governor!

— Christopher

Eat a dick, Chris. You give New York Times readers a whiny, ignorant, terrible name.