Hello all. Back from this not-at-all-abnormally-long absence with something just too long for one, or even several, tweets. (And it’s still not all that long.)

The genesis of this post, however, is due to Twitter…specifically a user inspired by, in his words, “searching for the signs of Idiocracy.” Earlier today he tweeted with a link about a Glenn Beck tirade (which I’m guessing included irrational yelling and/0r crocodile tears) and added the hashtag #failingmedia. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can agree with that.

I see the point @iidiocracy was making, and if the goal of a guy like Glenn Beck were to inform the public in any meaningful way (like, you know, a journalist), then sure – he’d be a failure. But he’s an entertainer, and in being one, it seems like he found his niche. I didn’t see much of him back when he was with CNN/Headline News, but from what I saw he was nowhere near the caricature he is now. Essentially, he just changed his personality to fit his new show/network (like an entertainer might), and it seems to have worked out for him.

It’s like I was discussing with Tom (can you guess where our focus has been recently?) a while ago, when he was fuming (via Twitter) over some typical Beck rant. The thing is: getting so up in arms is tantamount to saying: “Nice job, Glenn Beck.” It’s helping him accomplish exactly what he sets out to do – provoke reactions. That’s all he wants, and he gets them.

I’m sure these points have been made by many others, and many more who haven’t articulated it in some way realize it. But I’d been looking for a way to get back to this blog, and I guess my best excuse was being able to say: as insane as anyone acts, it’s hard to say they’re failing when people pay attention, whether they’re people who actually buy into their bluster, or their most irritable detractors. So maybe Glenn Beck is a lunatic/phony/phony lunatic, but he’s apparently good at being one. Idiocracy should wish he were a failure.