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While cruising today’s New York Times headlines, I came across a blog article about a comment presidential candidate Barack Obama recently made during a campaign speech. Quoting a very old saying, Obama remarked, “You can put lipstick on a pig – it’s still a pig.” Out of the context of current politics, this saying could be interpreted, in simplest terms, as saying that a bad thing, dressed up to appear good, is still bad. However, as Palin describes her own “hockey mom” persona as a pit bull with lipstick, there are many who interpret this remark as Obama calling Governor Palin a pig.

Now, the more intelligent among us can clearly see that, if anything, Palin is the lipstick and not the pig – a pretty face slapped on the ticket to try to distract us from the shortcomings of John McCain. However, there are folks out there who merely see:

(word associated with Palin) + (unsavory farm animal) = CONTROVERSY!!!

As I sifted through the comments section, purely to entertain and intentionally anger myself, I came across some real gems as far as good ol’ fashion mindless comments are concerned.  This one, though, took the cake. Read the rest of this entry »


Dan O\'Halloran

Dan O’Halloran wears No. 13 as a reminder of the night he defied death.

Upon visiting a few minutes ago, I was greeted by a quite different picture, but with the above stirring caption beneath it.

Read the following article, written by’s Scott Burnside, in one of two ways.  The first is an inspiring story of a man persevering and earning a second chance at life.  The second is an account of the above man, Milltown’s own, who apparently has the divine ability to cheat death.

Just concentrate really hard and imagine Dan-O as an apparently immortal hockey referee.

Click here for the article.

batmanmortal combat logo

Peanut Butter and Jelly…

R and D…

Gary and Tucker…

…Well I wish I never stumbled upon this at all, but here it goes. We now have one more classic duo to add to the already worthy list seen above.


Apparently video game designers have realized that characters such as Batman and mother fucking Sub-Zero now exist in the same world and must do battle with each other: To the death of course. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but this is probably the worst thing that could happen to DC Comics since Batman faced off against The Predator!

Am I supposed to sit still and let Batman, my favorite fictional character of all time, get his utility belt ripped off and used as some kind of noose/whip to fillet him open during some sick “finish him” move?!?! Or worse, force the caped crusader to murder people with exploding batarangs in a clearly uncharacteristic move in the history of his existence? God only knows how Green Lantern or The Flash are going to hold their own against the Johnny Cages and Raidens of this new world.

I will not tell you who is making this game, when it is coming out, or any other detail that might help someone who is interested in playing this game. I am also pissed at DC for just throwing their characters into a stupid world of button mashing.

However, if Aquaman were to be beheaded at any point during gameplay, I would have to jump on board with this game regardless of my opinions stated earlier in this post.



We all know he’s blind but despite popular belief that isn’t the reason he sucks.  We all know that he has had plenty of person infidelities but that also isn’t the reason that he sucks.  The reason that he is a terrible person is because on his tax forms it was discovered that he only donated $150 in old clothes to charity this past year.  Now I know this story is a couple days old but seriously now Davey, you didn’t even write a single check to charity last year?  You just donated some old clothes and estimated the value at about $150.  You disgust me.  You’re a politician who probably ask people to be charitable all the time and you couldn’t even give any real money to charity.  $150 in old clothes?  I’m pretty sure I did that too last year.  I’m not judging you because you’re black.  I’m judging you because you are selfish.  There is a kid who can’t eat tonight because you couldn’t open up the checkbook, but at least he’s nicely dressed.

I took the photo you see up there.  That image is copyright Tom Wright-Piersanti, 2008.  So  how did it end up that I got a call from my friend Cromwell informing me that he had seen it on the front page of  I may never know the whole story… but from what I can tell, it’s Michael Moore’s fault.

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The other day, as I was going through my daily routine of reading Boy Scouts-related blogs, I came across a shocking find in The Scoutmaster Minute:POODLING HAS TAKEN OVER!But more shocking than this revelation of a plague upon our nation’s finest paramilitary homophobic organization for young lads was the horrid form with which the story was broken to the public. The author behind this landmark article clearly did not take the matter seriously enough in the slightest, as evidenced by his atrocious grammar and light-hearted, sarcastic approach. So for those of you who have read this article and not fully comprehended the severity of its content, and those of you hearing this for the first time, here is the article, in full, broken down so the American people can actually get a hold on what this cryptic post is trying to say. Read the rest of this entry »


I don’t know how many people have known about this, but I just found out about it today and was shocked to say the least. Apparently, the state of Kansas is home to the Westboro Baptist Church. They are a wonderful congregation consisting of lunatics and hate mongers. The church claims that America is doomed due to the fact that our free country allows homosexuality to run rampant. Since they hate gay people, they have decided that it was the fault of the gays for 9-11, the Iraq war and everything else that sucks in the country. Actually it is thier God who is to blame for all the horrors according to them. It seems that they believe that God is knocking down New York skyscrapers and killing U.S. troops because He is mad with America for being OK with Gays. The claim to fame, as it were, of this Church in Kansas is that they attend funerals for U.S. troops and protest outside with signs that range from saying “God Hates Your Tears”, “AIDS Cures Fags”, and “God Hates Cripple Soldiers.”

I found out about these lunatics from my mother who works at our city hall. She informed me that the funeral tomorrow for a soldier/former student in our school system, was now being considered a homeland security threat. Um what? Then she told me that our police, rescue squad, and fire department would be standing by at the funeral for fear that thousands of religious zealots might come to town to protest the funeral on Main Street! I immediately imagined this protest to be much like the end of E.T. when the NASA guys march in slow motion over the hill and descend upon the town to capture little E.T. This knew knowledge of Kansas church lunatics made me read up on them some. What I found was the website GODHATESFAGS.COM. Charming. The website is very nice looking if you pretend that it isn’t riddled with jpegs of little 5 year old girls holding signs that say “FAGS DIE, GOD LAUGHS.” It was appalling to even look at.

So tomorrow at around noon, please pray that these protesters decide not to show in my town. Pray for the family of the soldier as well. Regardless of whether or not you believe in god or “fags”, there is still a mother tonight who has to bury her son in the ground tomorrow. Also the people from Westboro Baptist Church have the makings of terrorists and Nazis, and hopefully they will all burn in Hell.

(this post wasn’t posted yesterday as I had hoped because I didn’t have time to finish it up. As an update I must say that this group did not come to my town and that is a very good thing. Sadly other towns will no doubt be troubled by these people.)  

Sure, Eliot Spitzer was known as Client No. 9 at his local whorehouse, and he’s either going to have to resign or be impeached from office, but that’s not the big story.  The big story is that David Paterson is next in line to become the governor, and he would become the state’s first black governor, as well as the state’s first legally blind governor (we all remember when Stevie Wonder lost a close election some 20 years ago).  I embrace it, although I do not live in the state. What’s the harm?  So he may accidentally sign some wrong bills, give the guy a break.  This year is all about change.


OK, so maybe it was N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer who was caught paying a little extra for salad on the side. But damn if he doesn’t look just like our loveable friend Smeagol!

Looks like he needed “the precious” a little too much, am I right fellas?

God I hate her face. I’m sure none of you know who the hell she is. I had no idea of her worthless existence until my MSN homepage had a link for an article entitled ‘Is Miley Cyrus the Next Britney Spears?‘ I just got finished reading this trash and I couldn’t sit by idly. This is my first crack at pulling a FireJoeMorgan like post, a feat that a few of my fellow writers have flourished at. I left some parts of her article out that didn’t seem necessary but you’ll read what’s needed. Anyway this jerk jumps to more conclusions and makes more ridiculous assumptions about a teenage girl than a grown woman should be making. And as a big Miley/Hannah fan, I didn’t appreciate it.

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