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From Kenny got an extra Twizzler for this.

From Kenny Britt received an extra pregame Twizzler for this achievement.

College football is barely a week away, and I could hardly be happier about it. Despite the loss of Ray Rice and several other impact players (Eric Foster, Pedro Sosa, Mike Fladell, Jeremy Zuttah, Brandon Renkart, Ron Girault), I have high hopes for Rutgers heading into the year (again), though I’ll keep relatively quiet on it. If you are wondering why I am doing this, simply revisit my previews from last year. Ugh. I’m not even going to reread them, mainly because I already know some of the worst things I said. For one, apparently I thought the Linebacker Fairy was going to visit the new guys from last year and turn inexperienced and/or undersized and/or injured guys into grizzled veterans who knew the defense in and out. Second, I seemed to think there was some kind of vast conspiracy to discredit the all-powerful Rutgers football juggernaut, even though our generally accepted preseason standing (around #16) proved to be absurdly generous in the end. But being embarrassed about days gone by doesn’t really jive with this look ahead, so some thoughts heading into this season coming up just as soon as I rip off TV critic Alan Sepinwall’s blogging format

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Some of you might have heard about this spinoff of The Office that actually isn’t really a spinoff but no one totally knows for sure. The latest is apparently that NBC wants a spinoff, but showrunner Greg Daniels wants to create a separate show. The article I’ve linked, which appears to be written by a reputable person, quotes a “source” as saying, “Daniels is a stubborn, stubborn guy. I bet Greg gets his way.” For the record, I hope he does, because I trust his judgment more than the network’s here. But I also couldn’t help but think…what other Gregs do I know of who are stubborn, hard-headed and always get what they want in the end? Hmm… Read the rest of this entry »

OneRepublic, who was slated to perform at Rutgersfest this year, has dropped out because of an injury lead singer Ryan Tedder sustained while playing basketball.

The official Rutgersfest site, which was made by a 10 year old in Microsoft FrontPage in 1998, was updated tonight to inform students that OneRepublic will no longer be performing on May 2. They have not yet announced if another band will be substituted.

According to a MySpace blog posted by drummer Eddie Fisher, Tedder tore his Achilles tendon hours before playing a concert at Central Michigan. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery over the weekend. He is currently recovering, but will not be ready in time to play RutgersFest.

Notre Dame is America — that is to say, past its prime as a legitimate power, too proud and arrogant to admit it, and picking on the smaller guys as a last desperate attempt to feel important.

Rutgers recently rejected a bid for a six-game series that would have played three in South Bend and three in East Rutherford. Beautiful East Rutherford, home of the Scarlet… wait, something’s not right there.

Notre Dame, as it often does when trying to flex what little muscle it has left, demanded that their away games be played at a neutral site because of it’s larger capacity (in this case, Giants Stadium). And Rutgers’ Athletic Director Bob Mulcahy did what very few have before; he looked the Irish in the eye and said “No.”

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Tom Ciszek – NJSportsPhoto/from

When I look back at what I wrote about Rutgers football before the season began last year, I can’t help but want to punch myself in the face with a huge spiky metallic glove, like Spongebob was willing to do to please Kevin the sea cucumber.

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Will Shortz must have been feeling the (Jersey Roots) Global Reach today, because the New York Times crossword was sporting some serious RU pride.

49 Across was clued “Home of the Scarlet Knights.” HEY, I KNOW THAT ONE!

Then, after digging a little deeper, I realized that one of the theme answers was one of Rutgers’ most noted fake alumni. 17 Across: “Myopic cartoon fellow,”

I eventually finished the puzzle, though I missed the second Z in ZAMBEZI (how could I be so stupid! I had a T, like an ass). But I was too fired up to worry about mistakes.  I made sure to announce my finding the moment my next class began; everyone expressed their lack of interest, and I sadly settled back into my corner. But I’m sure you guys think this is cool, right? I mean, it’s the NYT X-Word! The greatest in the world!



The Rutgers University Programming Association announced the lineup for Rutgersfest 2008 today, and it’s stronger than ever. Headlining the event, which will be held on May 2 at the Yellow Lot (next to the RAC) on the Livingston Campus in Piscataway, NJ from 12:00–8:30 pm, are rapper Fabolous, pop rock group OneRepublic, and mainstream rockers Third Eye Blind. Rutgers battle of the bands winner The Command Radio will be the opening act. (Samples of all below)

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Last night I watched Villanova defeat Clemson in the first round of the NCAA tournament after coming back from 18 points down. Villanova has had a lot of success these last few years under head coach Jay Wright (pictured), who, despite his stupid technical foul late in the game, has done a very good job building Nova’s program up to a consistently successful level (four consecutive NCAA tournament appearances).

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Via our friend Kevin’s blog, who got it from here…

At first glance, nothing out of the ordinary in celebrity gossip news today. Amy Winehouse can’t afford cab fare, Kid Rock is cooking at a local Waffle House, and Courtney Love is out of her mind.

But wait… what was that last one? It seems that Courtney Love is accusing someone of stealing money from the trust fund Kurt Cobain left for their daughter, Francis Bean. And she says that person used the money, as well as Cobain’s social security number, to purchase a $3.2 million home in our own New Brunswick, N.J.!

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My sincere apologies go out to anyone who thought this post was about the hit 2000 film Snow Day which had the tagline: “Roads Closed. Schools Shut. Rules Were Made To Be Frozen!”

Even though I actually enjoyed that movie (mostly due to my love for Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot buddy-movies), what I’m really here to touch on is the fact that Rutgers University has a snow day today proving once again that the impossible can be grasped. I also wanted to be the first to break this news here on the blog due to my intense adrenaline that was produced at 6:30 AM when my mom woke me up in grade school fashion to tell me that school was closed. I sprung from my slumber and put on some silly fleece pants (You know the kind. With wacky cartoons on them from Old Navy.) Then I realized that I was insanely awake for 6:30. It would seem that even as a 20 year old man, Snow Days are still fun as hell and I can’t wait to play video games and drink cocoa today!

This is Don of 41MilesToFreedom wishing all affected by the storm a safe and joyous snow day! Get a sled, grab your best gal by the hand, for god’s sake wear your galoshes, and paint the town red! If you’re snowed in, make the best of it!

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(couldn’t resist)