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Some of you might have heard about this spinoff of The Office that actually isn’t really a spinoff but no one totally knows for sure. The latest is apparently that NBC wants a spinoff, but showrunner Greg Daniels wants to create a separate show. The article I’ve linked, which appears to be written by a reputable person, quotes a “source” as saying, “Daniels is a stubborn, stubborn guy. I bet Greg gets his way.” For the record, I hope he does, because I trust his judgment more than the network’s here. But I also couldn’t help but think…what other Gregs do I know of who are stubborn, hard-headed and always get what they want in the end? Hmm… Read the rest of this entry »



I’ve started following college football pretty closely these last few years, and I’ve taken a strong interest in the coaches of the game during that time. One type of coach I’ve come to especially admire is the “does more with less” type, especially when they have “less” due to factors beyond their control (i.e. they’re not terrible recruiters, but rather in tough situations). One of the finest examples of this type of coach is Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe.

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