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Some of you might have heard about this spinoff of The Office that actually isn’t really a spinoff but no one totally knows for sure. The latest is apparently that NBC wants a spinoff, but showrunner Greg Daniels wants to create a separate show. The article I’ve linked, which appears to be written by a reputable person, quotes a “source” as saying, “Daniels is a stubborn, stubborn guy. I bet Greg gets his way.” For the record, I hope he does, because I trust his judgment more than the network’s here. But I also couldn’t help but think…what other Gregs do I know of who are stubborn, hard-headed and always get what they want in the end? Hmm… Read the rest of this entry »


NBC announced its fall premiere schedule today, and there are a few interesting bits in there forĀ  John Q. Fanboy.

Most importantly, The Office will be returning Thursday, Sept. 25, with an hour-long premiere at 9. 30 Rock won’t be back until over a month later, on Oct. 30. They did this last year, if I remember correctly, debuting Rock much later, but I really don’t know why. What I do know, though, is that with the epic season finale they treated us to last week, and Greg Daniels spending more and more time on the upcoming Office spin-off, there is going to be a lot of pressure to make this hour-long episode a damn good one. Still no title or date for the spin-off, but I’ve heard that it might be given the precious post-Super Bowl spot.

Also of note is the big return NBC has slated for Heroes third season. Heroes, if you remember, ended its second season when the strike hit, and didn’t return this spring when all the other series did. NBC is planning a Heroes bash for Monday, Sept. 22, with an hour-long clip show and then a two hour premiere. I still haven’t watched the second season, because it fell on a really busy night for me in the fall, but I’ll be sure to catch up on Hulu before September.

Finally, we now know what will be filling Scrubs‘ spot this fall — Kath & Kim, an American adaptation of a popular Australian sitcom surrounding a dysfunctional mother and daughter. It stars Molly Shannon.

Note from Tom – This is the famous post that many of you have heard about but few have actually seen. This afternoon, the writers over at revealed their identities to the world. I decided that it was time to publish this post, so we could all appreciate just how great Glenn’s investigation skills were during this historic period in the blog’s history. Without further ado, the post.

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October 29, 2007
By Glenn Davis

We of this blog don’t exactly hide our admiration of the blog Fire Joe Morgan. We’re the same way with NBC’s “The Office.” FJM turns bad sportswriting on its head, being consistently funny in the process. The blog’s contributors all go by pseudonyms; one of the main contributors goes by “Ken Tremendous.” Tremendous is generally the one to make fun of “JoeChats,” chat sessions Joe Morgan participates in with users where he almost never provides a substantial answer. Invariably, Tremendous’ biting rebuttals to Morgan’s “responses” prove way more entertaining than the chats themselves. Tremendous excels at critiquing bad work by all writers, however, and he is arguably the best contributor FJM has.

Consistent humor is also the calling card of “The Office;” 41miles creator Tom said in another post that there has never been a single unfunny episode. The driving force behind this consistency is excellence in writing. One of the show’s main staff writers is Michael Schur (pictured). He has been with the show since the first season and has written or co-written some of the series’ best episodes. He is also gaining more notoriety for playing salesman Dwight’s socially clueless cousin (and farm co-worker) Mose in a couple episodes. He is proving to be invaluable to the show in more ways than one.

What do these things have to do with one another, you ask? A short time ago, I wouldn’t have thought they were related at all myself. Then, some things that will be explained throughout the duration of this post fell into place. Bit after bit of evidence made the story all the more plausible, and now, armed with some pieced-together factoids, I’m suggesting one thing and one thing only: Michael Schur is Ken Tremendous.

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