A little after 1:15 am, I turned on [adult swim], seeing that Eureka 7 was on. I don’t watch anime, but I was just checking [as] because I do that every so often. Much to my surprise, I did not see anime, but instead Perfect Hair Forever. I noticed that it looked like the tracking was slightly off, and there were subtitles. I quickly recognized the subtitles as those of the Aqua Teen episode “Revenge of the Mooninites.” So, instead of anime, they were showing Perfect Hair Forever with Aqua Teen captions. [as] can be weird, but I didn’t think they were that weird—so I went to their forums to check out what was up.

After a moment, I remembered it was April Fools’ Day. If anyone would do April Fools’, it would be [as], they do something every year. So now I just had to figure out exactly what they were doing. From Perfect Hair Forever’s Wikpedia, “This joke spanned the entire block… [they aired] all of season 1 in reverse order and in the style of old VHS fansubs, complete with Engrish subtitles. It replaced scheduled premieres of Bleach, Blood Plus, and Eureka 7.” To make a long story short, it seems that [adult swim] replaced their action block that usually runs on Saturday with a Perfect Hair Forever marathon with fake subtitles. The subtitles range from Engrish-eqsue misquotes to captions from other sources. On the [as] forums, to combat the whining, the moderators had it so any instance of the string “anime” had been turned into “Pineapple Beach,” and all “perfect hair” became “永久に完全な毛” (hope you can see those Japanese characters). Those [adult swim] guys are crazy, and this is just more reason to love them. Thank god I turned on anime with no plan to watch it, or else I’d have never seen this.

By the way, if you are planning on watching the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters tomorrow night at 10 pm on [as] like they’ve been advertising all week, don’t forget that it will still be April Fools’ Day at that time, so don’t get your hopes too high.